Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

Women Who Support Abortion

Jennifer Hartline of my Chocolate Heart describes two things that happened in the last month to change her perceptions of what committed, pro-abortion women really think about babies and pregnancy.

Here is what her latest article at Catholic Online has to say.
The truth is the truth is the truth, and it sometimes comes out in the strangest ways...

Two things happened in the last month to change my perceptions of what committed, pro-abortion women really think about babies and pregnancy. Any hopeful thinking I might have entertained about their intentions or any doubt I had about the depth of their dishonesty and violence, was pretty well wiped away by two separate, unrelated events.

The first was Major General Tony Cucolo's order to his soldiers serving in Iraq that female troops will be punished if they get pregnant and males will be punished if they are the father. I'm of the opinion that Cucolo's order is logical, reasonable and justifiable. It's war over there, not a training exercise, or fun and games. A combat zone is no place for an expectant mother, and a female soldier who has to leave her unit because she becomes pregnant places an unsafe burden on her fellow soldiers and disrupts the mission. I'd go a step further than Cucolo and the Army for that matter and say that women don't belong in front-line combat in the first place. But I digress...

The liberal feminist reaction to Cucolo's order was rife with the most stunning show of hypocrisy. Suddenly the “you must treat women exactly the same as men” crowd was having a fit because women soldiers would be reprimanded for something that's uniquely normal to being a woman. Kary Jencks, public affairs director for Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire made this statement: “I think it's unfortunate that once again, the natural capacity that a woman's body has is disciplined. It's always viewed as a handicap, not a normal aspect of being a woman.”

But the best part was the demand made by 4 Democrat senators that Cucolo rescind his order immediately: “We can think of no greater deterrent to women contemplating a military career than the image of a pregnant woman being severely punished simply for conceiving a child. This defies comprehension.”

And Jencks other comment: “The military should be happy that a couple are bringing new life into the world rather than viewing it as a handicap.”

Conceiving a child... bringing new life into the world. These are the words of some of the most pro-abortion senators in the country: Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, Jeanne Shaheen, and Kirsten Gillebrand, along with a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood. Suddenly it's not an embryo, or a fetus or a zygote or a nameless, faceless “choice”, but a child. New life. Life.

They have betrayed themselves and their word games and their facade of compassion and caring. We may have always suspected, but now we know for sure, that they know the truth. Abortion kills a child. A new life. Pregnancy is not a handicap or a problem, but the natural capacity of a woman's body. Committed pro-aborts know this is true, and it's a truth they cannot live comfortably with, so they must deny it, ignore it, and rationalize it away in order to quell the conflict within themselves. They want this counterfeit notion of “freedom” enough to kill for it, and that's another uncomfortable truth they can't face.

What the senators don't say, of course, is that they object to Cucolo's order because of the military's even greater sin – that women in uniform are not provided abortion services through government healthcare. They probably wouldn't care about the no-pregnancy order if the women could just have the child they conceived killed – oh, wait – I mean, terminate the pregnancy.

The second event that changed my understanding of militant pro-abortion women was more heartbreaking than infuriating. I have, in recent months, occasionally visited the ferociously pro-abortion blog, RH Reality Check, and engaged in comments on some of their articles. Call it a naïve attempt to talk some sense into the women there, hoping to change someone's mind or at least cause them to stop and think. To my deep sadness, I was rudely awakened to the depth of some women's hatred toward babies and pregnancy. Yes, hatred.

The more I spoke of the right of the child to live and be born, the more I spoke of the dignity of the preborn child, the more I spoke of the sanctity of human life, the more vitriol I got. I expected the blog's supporters to be totally loyal to their pro-abortion (pro-choice as they say) philosophy, but I didn't expect the unabashed willingness to admit they'd gladly abort without a moment's hesitation. Or to hear them absolutely drip with disdain when they branded my pro-life position as “fetal idolatry,” or seethe with contempt when they ranted about how sick and tired they are of hearing about the “preshuz baybeez” and the “non-existent rights” of “insentient tissue.”

I am still hopeful that most women who support abortion do so foolishly, ignorantly, or halfheartedly. I'd even settle for selfishly over the unmasked, cold aggression I've encountered over at pro-abort headquarters. But my hope is growing dimmer, and I shouldn't be surprised at all. A new generation of women has grown up under the illusion of freedom through abortion, and Satan has successfully planted enmity between mother and child like never before. Violence has made its home in the womb, and has birthed more violence and death; death not just to the baby, but to the woman's own natural instinct to love and protect her child.

No, we're not dealing with a rational enemy who will respond to reason or be persuaded by facts. We're dealing with evil that has made a comfy home for himself in the quiet, hidden center of humanity; the womb. Changing minds will not do the trick. Hearts must be changed. Hearts must be converted and blind eyes must be made to see. Only God can do that. Only the love and power of Christ can reveal the truth to hardened hearts.

Today we stand on the precipice of a new law that will allow for a massive expansion of abortion in the U.S. The people writing and passing this destructive bill, Boxer, Mikulski, Shaheen and Gillebrand among them, are knowingly endorsing the killing of children. The truth has come out, ironically even from their own mouths. A pregnant woman has conceived a child, which means the “choice” they fight for is not reproductive freedom but legalized child-killing.

Let's not pretend that verbal sleight-of-hand can disguise the truth. Nobody's fooling anybody anymore.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on our nation and bring the light of Your truth to the darkened places in our minds. Send Your Holy Spirit to change the hearts of those who refuse to welcome the new life You bring. Hasten the day when we will protect human life from the moment of conception and cease to use our laws as channels of death. Blessed Mother, pray that our nation will receive our children as lovingly as you received the Christ-child. Forgive us, Lord, and deliver us from evil.

Jennifer Hartline is a Catholic Army wife and stay-at-home mother of three precious kids who writes frequently on topics of Catholic faith and daily living. She is a contributing writer for Catholic Online.

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