Friday, January 15, 2010

St. George Parish, London Produces a Bishop

Most Reverend William T. McGrattan

I have in my hot little hands, the Ordination Issue of the Newsletter of the Diocese of London, which is about the newest of the 10 bishops that the Diocese of London has produced.  That he was also raised in the Parish of St. George, of which we are members is pretty cool too.

This particular issue is ripe with beautiful fruit about the rich faith life of new Bishop McGrattan, but also of the Diocese of London.

It tells of his faith journey that led him to the priesthood, to teach at the seminary, and later to serve as its Rector, and now to be called to serve in the Archdiocese of Toronto as an Auxiliary Bishop.  There he will serve under an old friend, Archbishop Thomas Collins, who was also a teacher at St. Peter's Seminary for several years, and who I met on occasion during my work life.

I have been particularly irritated by the comments of one Catholic blogger, who has called some unnamed coterie of the Bishops of Canada, marshmallows.  What irritates me most is his lack of knowledge of the journey of faith that each has taken to get where God has called him to.

For the readers of my blog, I will recount Bishop McGrattan's own story from the many that are a part of this beautiful Ordination Issue to counter this nonsense.  I invite you all to pray for this man of faith as he embarks on his new vocation.

He will be saying mass and preaching tomorrow at St. George after his ordination today.  We unfortunately will not be there, as we will have arrived in Tucson Arizona by the time this article is published.

God Bless You, Bishop McGrattan in your ministry to the faithful, and in bringing Christ to all you encounter.

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