Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oy Vey Such a Shondra

Tank Gott in Heaven They Ain't No Stinkin' HRC in Joisey

If there was an HRC in New Jersey there would be turmoil in the streets right now. Here's the deal.

Sunda Croonquist was born and raised in Paterson New Jersey. She is black. But, she is also half Swedish and she was raised Catholic. Sunda Croonquist was a beauty queen who respresented New Jersey in the Miss America Pageant's preliminaries. She also holds a degree in Criminal Justice, so the girl is no dummy.

Sunda Croonquist married a Jewish lawyer and converted to Judaism. Keep up with me folks. While doing surveillance work, and studying acting she got the odd acting and small film gig.

Through chance encounters she got into comedy and then became a black, Catholic, Jewish stand up comedian with a Jewish mother in law and in laws. What ripe talent for comedy until . . .

Until this year, when brother and sister in law and mother in law decided to sue her for her material which offended the poor babies. Hurt feelings. You can figure out if you are offended by her humour here and can read the National Post bit on the lawsuit here.

Fortunately Ms. Croonquist has a good lawyer, her husband's firm.

If these in laws had lived in Ontario, they could have filed a Form 1 with Rabbi Barb et al, and commenced action through the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against Ms. Croonquist. How would Barb's buddies have handled this complaint. Can Jews file a complaint against Jews for discrimination? Or would you have to file the complaint against the part of Ms. Croonquist that is not Jewish? Since she is part Black, and part Swedish, you could claim that she is not REALLY Jewish, just snuck in the back door.

This could be one of those cases that would tie up an HRC causing them to fly in ever decreasing circles until they disappeared up their own ??? That's a good thing, right?

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