Friday, August 7, 2009

The Lynch Sinners List- Disappointment

Drum Roll Puhlease

Walker Morrow over at the Lynch List did a Freedom of Information Request to find out about the Great Lynch's list of 1,200 miscreants who have been harassing the Canadian HRC mercilessly, and chilling their rights to chill us first. Good and dogged work by our intrepid young friend, and good writing to boot.

Turns out it was "much ado about nothing", or it is a misdirection. Anyway, friend Walker writes about it here. Five Feet of Fury was justifiably ... well Furious, but diminutively so, to be left off. Not a Twitter, nary a peep, not a mention.

Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn got mentioned on the list but for articles that they had written, but so had several others ... for articles. No blogs on the list. Must be another list.

Heck, Darren Lund made the list for something he wrote to the Red Deer Advocate, which of course would have been a piece about how justice prevails in Alberta and what a good boy I am for bringing the evil Pastor Boissoin to justice for writing THE LETTER. Don't get me started on that one today.

Seems it wasn't an enemies list after all, just a mentions list. If the list is only 1,200 entries long then, she must have missed a few.

Oh well. Good work, Walker.

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