Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Words from a Homily

The deacon in our Parish gave this little story as part of his homily at mass this morning, and big surprise, it reminded me of the HRCs of this country and the challenges we all face with them.

A little girl goes to her mother to complain about her older sister. She tells her mother that her sister will not play dolls with her. Mother very logically suggests that she play dolls by herself then. The wise little child replies: "That won't work. Then the voices will all sound the same."

If the HRCs have their way, we will become homogeneous. We will all be politically correct when we speak, and when we act. We will be officially respectful of others. Our voices will all sound the same. However, we will all be passively aggressive, because we will be angry as h?ll, because we have been silenced, without being heard. Our voices will be the same and no one will play with us, and we will not want to play with anyone else either.

Just a thought.

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