Monday, August 10, 2009

Jennifer Lynch T-Shirts On Sale

Get 'Em While They're Hot

So, the long awaited winning t-shirt in the Jennifer Lynch slogan contest has arrived, and is available for purchase. It sports the catchy winning slogan:
This T-shirt exposes Jennifer Lynch to hatred and contempt
It is available from Blazing Cat Fur's site here, with black letters on a white shirt, yellow letters on black, and for those really out there hot pink lettering on black. $5 of the proceeds goes to the legal defence funds of Ezra Levant, 5 Feet of Fury, Small Dead Animals and Free Dominion. Shop early and often.

Just a question, but is anyone going to do anything to support Stephen Boissoin? It's not that I don't think that those being supported by the t-shirt fund and other activities aren't freedom fighters, but Stephen's case is the defining case at this point in time. The way I look at the numbers he is about $50,000 in the hole and on the way to a deeper debt after his trial next month. You can also donate to him at his site here.

All these folks can use our support.

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