Sunday, August 16, 2009

Joseph and Genevieve Lanigan on Human Rights

Some Lessons are Learned Very Quickly

Genevieve Lanigan and her husband gave birth to a son, Joseph last September, who her doctor had told her would not live very long, due to congenital problems. Of course, in today's advanced society, the "wise" choice would be an abortion. Why put oneself through such unnecessary pain, and for what?

Here's why. Genevieve tells the story herself compellingly. I came across it on my favourite blogger's site, that of Deborah Gyapong here.

Genevieve carried Joseph in her womb for 8 months or so, and she and her husband, their family, friends and caring medical professionals and others loved him for 30 days until he passed away. He was mourned at his Mass of the Angels.

30 days was his lifetime. But, he will be forever in the hearts of his mother and his father, and those who got to know him, and now he is forever in the arms of his heavenly Father.

I read the bubble headed commentators over on the Big Blue Wave site here claiming that human life is this, not that, and begins now , not then. Tell Genevieve when it began for her with Joseph. Better yet, let her tell you that she loved Joseph from the moment that he was conceived.

God Bless You Genevieve for sharing your story with us.

How Human. How Right.

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