Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Insanity Has Come Ashore

The Politically Correct Are All Around Us to Drive Us Nuts

I seldom look to Snopes for inspiration for this blog, but today was a different matter. This item was on top of the list and it grabbed my attention.

You may recall my invention of the word Quago the other day, after the Quangos in the UK were filling the Online Times with political correctness in language, telling people not to use Black sheep, gentleman's agreement, and other gems from the historical vernacular, so as not to cause offence to somebody or other.

It seems that that disease is thriving in the United States as well. In the item from Snopes, Barbara Mikkelson reported, presumably with a straight face that a couple in North Carolina had gone to Costco and had spotted a combination doll cuddling with a monkey called Cuddle Baby, where the doll was an African American baby, and had a cute little hat on that said Lil' Monkey. It was one of a series that included Hispanic, Caucasian and African American versions of the same baby and also included "Pretty Panda" versions with a panda bear.

The writer of the original item that Ms. Mikkelson was reporting on stated in reference to the African American version of the Lil' Monkey doll that: "These dolls are an insult to us all and need to be pulled from all Costco stores or wherever they are being sold."

She did not seem to be so concerned about the Caucasian or Hispanic version of the doll. So, black kids are being discriminated against and can't have Lil' Monkeys, and justice is served.

She didn't ask me, but I am not insulted. I think this woman needs to get on stronger meds.

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