Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You May Find This Offensive

Me Too

This is the picture of an aborted baby.  You can call it tissue, a fetus, a blob, or whatever you like, to salve your own conscience, but this is a picture of an unborn child that someone did not want, and so they killed him. 

Tonight, you will watch NCIS on TV, and see someone murdered, and then the story of the solving of the murder.  The scene of the murder will be pretty graphic, as will the scenes in the autopsy room where Doctor Mallard performs his necropsy.  If you watch NCIS Los Angeles after that, there will be a murder there too, or several maybe, and there will be shooting and gore abounding, in the midst of some salving witty repartee, akin to NCIS.

Or maybe you will watch the fights, where there is a possibility that a hockey game will break out.  You will see guys crashing each other into the boards or into the net, and you might see a high stick cut someone for several stitches.

Maybe you will stay up and see the news.  There you will see gore from tragic traffic accidents, and violence and mayhem from around the world.

None of those things will offend you, though you may "tut tut" for a moment at the senseless violence on the news.  Senseless violence in a hockey game, or on a TV serial show is not so tut tutable.

But, you will take offence at the graphic image of a baby who has been aborted by its mother, severed limb from limb by a person claiming to be a doctor, who I always thought was supposed to save lives.

Ever wonder why you find that offensive, but not the other things?

What I find offensive is the lengths that people will take to prevent those who value life from showing these pictures of the worst genocide our society has ever seen to the world, such as recently at Carleton University, latest here, and here

We cry out over the slaughter of our Jewish brothers and sisters during the second world war, but want to pretend that abortion is a procedure, and that there is not a life at stake (more than one in the long run).

Yes, I take offense too.

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