Thursday, November 11, 2010

Drain Me of Me

A Prayer of Reflection and Metanoia from Gus Lloyd (Well God Really)

Gus Lloyd does the morning show (Seize the Day) on XM Satellite Radio, channel 117.  It is a great show, and I get opportunities to hear only some of it many days, though I hope one day to be able to hear more.  Gus is a man after God's own heart.  Last weekend, while he was speaking at a retreat in Missouri, he awoke early and this prayer came out of his fingers and pen.  It is far too anointed to have been of his own devising, but is the result of a life of prayer and commitment to becoming more like Jesus day in and day out.

Here is the prayer:
Drain Me of Me

Father, I am so full of myself.
I know that if I truly wish to serve you,
If I truly wish to share your word and your love,
This must not be the way.

And so today, Father, I ask you:
Drain me of me

Of all the self-inflated ego
Drain me

Of all the harsh judgement that comes so easily
Drain me

Of all jealousy and resentment
Drain me

Of all the desire for attention and adulation
Drain me

Of all attachment to the flesh
Drain me

Of all that is not of you
Drain me

And when I am emptied, unencumbered by
The stuff and nonsense of the world,
No  longer weighed down by the heaviness
And burdens put upon me by myself
Or the dark forces of the evil one

Fill me with your Spirit,
For your Spirit has no chains,
Your Spirit recognizes no boundaries,
Your Spirit is lightness and light,
Your Spirit allows me to soar
As on eagle’s wings.

And so, Father, right now, this moment
I give you permission to
Drain me of me,
That I may be more like you
Through your Son, Jesus Christ
In the power of the Holy Spirit.
Hearing him speak this morning about this prayer, I had to go and look it up and read it and let it enter my spirit, for it is a prayer that we all need to pray, if we ever hope to become more like Our Precious Saviour, and if we hope to be able to do the things that He did while here on the earth.  The world is hurting.  Our families and friends are hurting.  The pain is from lack of Him in our lives.  Even if we are committed to Him, we can never be full to the brim with Him, as long as there is pride, ego, insensitivity looming.

I have had in my life at least two experiences that coincide for me with this prayer that Brother Gus prayed and transcribed for us to pray as well.

Many years ago, I was in the kitchen area of the offices of the small computer service company that I owned.  I was frustrated and could not resolve problems that were plaguing the business, and my family life.  I looked up at the ceiling tiles, not knowing what I was expecting to see there.  In my frustration, I asked God: "What do You want from me?"  In a very audible voice inside me, I heard the answer.  It was one word: "Everything."

Though the answer made little sense to me on one level, on another it made all the sense in the world, and I returned to my office somehow knowing that He was in charge.

Of course, I immediately turned my whole life over to Him, and all was well.  OK.  I did not immediately or ever since then turn over my WHOLE life to Him.  In spite of that, all is well.

On another occasion I saw a vision.  I have seen a number of visions in my life, and though I cannot describe the phenomenon accurately, I can tell you that I saw something that was not there in the normal realm, and it affected me profoundly. 

I saw a lump of clay on a potter's wheel, and I knew that the lump of clay was me, and the potter was Jesus.  He worked diligently on the clay, shaping it into a lamp base, then a bowl, then various other things, reshaping it every few moments.  The results kept getting smaller and smaller until finally there was only a small speck of clay (me) left on the wheel.  The most profound part of the vision then happened.  Jesus took his middle finger, curled it up into His thumb, and then flicked the last speck of clay off the wheel.  He then turned and smiled, and said: "There.  Perfect."

Thank you Brother Gus for sharing this with us and for the other reflections that you share on your web site, and on satellite radio, and in your other areas of ministry.

Lord, while you are about draining Brother Gus of him, would you please Drain Me of Me?

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