Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remembrance Day

Remember Them In Our Thoughts and Prayers (and Music)

Today we celebrate the men and women who offer themselves in service to their brothers and sisters through their vocation in the military.  Many have given the ultimate sacrifice, dying so others may live.

My father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII, as a Spitfire pilot.  I have the privilege of having in my possession his flight logs, and some other paraphernalia, inculding his air force tunic jacket, things that remind me of how much he meant to me, and what his service meant to so many others.

Whether or not you agree about a specific mission that our brave fighting men and women undertake, or even about their mission in general, they are being obedient to leadership and putting themselves in harm's way for reasons that they believe to be honourable. 

We honour them for their courage to put their money where their mouths are, where many of us are lacking.  They are a witness in their commitment to service.

May God Bless Them all and return those who are away home safe and sound to their loved ones.

Maybe you remember S. Sgt. Barry Sadler and the Ballad of the Green Beret from 1966.

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