Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Prayer For Priests

Received in My Mail Today

My Dear Wife and I have chosen to provide some financial support to St. Peter's Seminary here in London, Ontario.  St. Peter's has formed many priests not only for our diocese, but other notables (to me if not to the whole world) like Father Tim Moyle of the Diocese of Pembroke, the author of the "Where the Rubber Hits the Road" blog site, and our own pastor, Father John Pirt. 

23 of its graduates have gone on to become bishops, including most recently, Bishop Bill McGrattan, who was formerly the rector of the seminary.  As well, Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto is a former teacher at the seminary.

In appreciation of the support that many have given to the seminary, Bishop Fabbro has invited all donors to the annual Donor Celebration.  But, more important, in the mail also was A Prayer for Priests, that I have reproduced here, and invite you to join me in praying for all faithful and faith filled priests around the world.

A Prayer for Priests

O Father, we ask your blessing on those You have called to priestly ministry.  Show them Your love and give them Your strength.
May they, above all, be faithful and passionate followers and friends of Your beloved Son, Jesus.
May they be prayerful like Jesus, hearts burning within them and set upon You above all.
May they be compassionate like Jesus toward all who seek peace and forgiveness.
May they be teachers like Jesus, on fire with Your Word.
May they be prophets like Jesus, proclaiming Your Kingdom to all.
May they celebrate the Mass with reverence and love and grow in devotion to the Eucharist.
May they entrust themselves into the care of Mary, Mother of Priests.
May they inspire and guide many men to answer a call to the priesthood.
St. John Vianney, beloved priest of God, pray for all your brother priests, Amen.

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