Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cardinals Decline to Name Starting Quarterback

Ever Have a Duh Moment?

I was looking at some of the Catholic blogs that I follow a few minutes ago, and had just scanned some of the interesting things on Father Tim Moyle's blog "Where the Rubber Hits the Road." 

Returning to my own Yahoo Home Page, I saw the heading "Cardinals Decline to Name Starting Quarterback."  This caused me momentary confusion, as the Cardinals in my mind at the moment had selected Benedict (you know the guy that wears #16 - like Joe Montana did in his 49ers heyday) as their quarterback a few years ago.

Then I realised that the heading was under NFL football, and was about the other Cardinals, the ones from my winter home state of Arizona.

There is a limit to how smart you can be, but there is no limit to how dumb you can be.

Sorry for the light patter lately.  I am still not caught up from my recent travels.

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