Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Do We Do The Things We Do?

Stephen Boissoin Tells His Why

Stephen has a page on his web site where he answers the Why questions?

Why Do I Bother? How many times has he heard that one?

There are other whys attached to that question:
"Why do I make such a big deal out of homosexuality when there are so many other biblical wrongs prevalent in our society, even among us Christians?" And, "Why would I invest (waste, some say) almost eight years of my life battling a human rights complaint?"
To answer those questions, you have to go back to put them in context. Ah, context again. With the context of his work in youth ministry, you get to here:
Over the years, my experience has shown me that any passionate youth worker will desire to enhance their knowledge about youth issues while endeavouring to maintain a relevant understanding of the youth culture they hope to affect. The high level of youth crisis that I regularly experienced made me especially passionate. I studied youth related psychology, physiology and peer socialization dynamics with a goal to better understand the young people I was in contact with. I researched current trends and sought out effective means of reaching and positively impacting youth. Along the way, I had a hobby of submitting numerous letters to the Red Deer Advocate on a variety of heartfelt socio-political issues. Many of them were published and on one occasion I received an award for a letter that had generated a lot of positive feedback.
What led up to the letter in question? You know, THE LETTER.

Again context is key:

By 2002, I had become more and more aware of the social engineering that is promulgated by our secular humanist society. Young people are encouraged to dismiss traditional Christian values and replace them with an atheistic/agnostic foundation or one that at best aims to shape God around human experience. Unfortunately, this state of thinking is already deeply rooted among young people.

While embedding myself in youth culture, I personally witnessed the psychological and physical damage that is occurring both within the normative and extreme (fringe) segments. I have witnessed young people weep while sharing regret, fear and a deep sense of hopelessness. I have witnessed countless beautiful young girls diminished to great depths of insecurity and promiscuity because they live in a society that breeds discontentment. I have prayed over teens on life support, barely alive due to drug overdoses and other substance induced tragedies. I have prayed hand in hand with countless abused and drug addicted young girls who prostitute themselves out for the next high. I have struggled to hold myself together while helpless parents wept over their drug addicted, disease infected children.

I have performed funerals for some of these precious young people.

You can feel his sorrow for these young people he encountered, and loved like a father loves his own children. But, along the way, he encountered burn out, as many do who feel overwhelmed by this good work they are doing, and incapable of going on. Then it happened:

I recall a vision that I had during this time and it was similar to an experience that I had before my own radical salvation experience. While lying face down on the floor feeling defeated and thinking that I just couldn't manage another day of youth work, I envisioned (unintentionally) that I was at the feet of Christ, my hands touching his feet. I began to weep and sensed His deep love and compassion for me and for the circumstances I was facing. It was now apparent that I had neglected the true power and sustainability that comes from a continuous dependence on Christ as a primary and illimitable resource. I also realized that this was exactly what was required in order to meet the foundational needs of those I was reaching out to. The real impediment to their wholeness was the deep privation within us all that only God's presence can fill. I had mistakenly placed equal dependence on secular psychology and psychiatry and had become satisfied with superficial outcomes. My own witness and trust in the power of God had been politically corralled and dumbed down and I had been completely blind to it.

I came away from that vision realizing that I needed to be true to God's calling and purpose for my life. I was to obey Him and be who He called me to be without compromise. From that point on I made a decision to speak what the Bible speaks whenever the opportunity arose. After all, it was God's Word and Spirit that had reached into and restored my own broken life. Since doing so, I have truly experienced God's involvement and faithfulness in every facet of my life.

Here is the experience that he had with homosexuality from His Kids:

Fact: Homosexuality is championed in Canada today and forced upon those who disagree with this sexually immoral and aberrant behaviour. Those, like me, who voice their opposition are persecuted and prosecuted in an attempt to silence the opposition.

Society is led to believe that homosexual behaviour is predetermined. A scientifically baseless claim (see here). The truth is that the deadly and well known facts about the homosexual lifestyle are being misrepresented and intentionally avoided by most secular educators, the media and the entertainment industry. The result -socially engineered youth who think that it is a completely acceptable alternative behaviour. Due to this, they suffer an increase in homosexual experimentation and entrapment. For example, bisexual behaviour is rampant among young girls, they being further influenced (even encouraged) by misguided teenage boys who are culturally conditioned to think that female bisexuality is attractive.

So Why Did I (Stephen) Write This Letter? Well, that's the $64,000 question, though anticlimactic if you can see where his experiences had led him.

Here is his reasoning:

I wrote the letter because I was in the midst of the crisis and could no longer remain silent.

I wrote the letter because I care about young people. I chose to enter the battle between right and wrong, to oppose the lie, endeavouring to save some.

It was a statement. An unequivocal drawing of the line. It was a call for those who knew better to get involved and voice their opposition.

I wrote the letter because I believe in the Word of God. I believe that there is one God and one Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in what He can and wants to do through all who call upon and trust in His name. I can testify that God's power to effect change in a broken life is real.

I am willing to look the fool and to risk further (unwanted) persecution for my beliefs.

God has used the Human Rights complaint against me to build up my faith and to reach people. The complaint has created hundreds of opportunities for me to share the wisdom of God and salvation through Christ Jesus. In response to invitations, I have travelled across Canada and into the United States. I have shared the TRUTH in newspapers, on the radio and on television and in every instance I do my best to give glory to God.

So, what did he conclude from all that? That's my question>

Here's his answer:
I wouldn't change a thing about the journey if I could.
And the final why is found in this Bible verse at the end of the page:
...God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
1 Timothy 2:3-4
You and I are free to disagree with him, though it might be best to talk to him first and understand why you are in disagreement. In fact, you are even free to persecute him for speaking words you do not like, or don't want to hear. You will not stop him, and he in turn will do good towards you, out of the immense love that God has given him to share with you because of his belief that:
"If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head."
Should you choose to make Stephen your enemy, because of what he says or even what he does, at some time you might feel that burning sensation around your head.


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop helping people. However, we need to educate our children about the harm from prescription drugs. At Novus Medical Detox Center, almost all of our patients became addicted from legal drugs like OxyContin--legal heroin.


Michael Brandon said...

Tell me more, and I will gladly share it.