Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Passionately Pro-Life

40 Days For Life

Please watch this short video at Socon or Bust. 40 Days for Life ended on November 1, 2009, so now we are called to make it 365 days each year for Life.

Please remember in your prayers young mothers, who are struggling with pregnancy, in a world that says you can choose to terminate that pregnancy. It is not sufficient to stop the abortion, if only to subject a mother and child to misery and more suffering. Many women, who are pregnant are alone because they have been abandoned, and/or are afraid. Reach out to them, and love them, and the babies that are in their wombs.

Father, give us courage to reach out to mothers in distress. Help us to shower on them the love that you have given to us all. Help us to help them in their struggles.

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