Saturday, July 30, 2016

Come to Praise and Worship

My Beloved Children

I am delighted  that you come to Me to praise Me and to worship Me.  Many of you have been coming to Me for quite some time, and others of you more recently.  But, I desire that many, many more come to Me as well, and that you lift Me up in Praise and Worship, with greater fervor and love.

These are not the old days.  These days I am pouring my Spirit out on all mankind.  These are the days prophesied, when the old will pass away and I will make all things new.

But, how can I renew My Lands if you remain stuck in the old ways? You came to Me in response to My Call to you, but now I am calling you to receive a new and fresh anointing of My Holy Spirit, My Spirit of Power and Love, which empowers you to go boldly out into the world and proclaim My Majesty, My Authority, and my Merciful Love for all of mankind.

Are you giving yourself completely to Me?  Are you prepared to set aside all that holds you back from operating in the gifts of My Holy Spirit, which I have lavished upon you?

When you Praise Me and Worship Me, those offerings to Me should rise like incense to My Throne Room always, not sometimes.  Allow Me to heal those things in you, those wounds and hurts that prevent you from abandoning yourself completely to Me.

If you will not abandon yourself to Me, many who have been called by Me, but are dependent on you to witness to that call and to draw them into Life in My Holy Spirit, will be lost.  I do not desire that one soul be lost for eternity.  I desire that all come to Me, and share eternity with Me.

Love loves you.  Enter fully into My Abiding Love, My Dear Children.

July 3, 2016 12:30 pm

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