Monday, August 1, 2016

Manifestation of the Holy Spirit

Pentecost Vigil

My Children, I have called each of you to be here this evening, as I am calling others around the world to celebrate this Vigil of Pentecost.  I thank you for hearing my call and obeying it.

I am pouring out upon you a new and fresh anointing of my Holy Spirit.  This new anointing is for you, to draw you ever closer to Me, and so that you may witness to My Abundant Love to all you encounter in your daily lives.

This manifestation of My Holy Spirit is a counter to the evil that is abounding in this world. I am reclaiming my people who I have called by My Name.  So often, you have wandered in the darkness of the world as it has been succumbing to the wiles of the evil one.

But I am Your God, the Holy One of Israel, and I am pouring My Mercy out upon you, before My Justice will come.  When My Justice comes upon the earth, the people of the earth will have no choice but to choose to follow Me, or to follow the evil one. Their blindness will fall away, and they will see the Truth.

But, in My Mercy, I am anointing you and many others in this world, to provide signs of hope to your brothers and sisters both now and when that time comes.

You will perform signs and wonders in My Name, but your greatest sign from Me will be your love for each other and for all those who will be lost if they do not turn from their wickedness in the time of My Justice.

Receive what I am giving you this evening.  Open your hearts to receive from Me, and let My Power come upon you, and fill you with Love, a Love that is greater than you could ever have imagined, but a Love that is given to you to grow in you and to burst forth upon this sin sickened world.

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