Thursday, July 28, 2016

Transformation by the Holy Spirit

My children

I am in the process of transforming you by the power of My Holy Spirit.  It is My Spirit that you are responding to daily more and more, as My Work in you continues.  I am teaching you to seek Me in every moment of your daily life.

I am doing this at this moment in time because I am looking for and searching out hearts and minds who will conform to Me and be witnesses of My abounding Love to this world that has hardened itself against me, their Creator.

As the world as you all know it continues to disintegrate and law and order break down, and conditions continue to deteriorate man will turn to despair, and become desperate.

But you, My Children, are part of a large cadre throughout the world, that I have called to be heroic witnesses to My abundant Love for all mankind.

When you praise Me and worship Me, you surrender to My Love for you, and allow Me to enter you more fully.  I have created you to spend eternity with Me, and to bring as many as possible with you to heaven.  My Love is strengthening you to be able to resist the temptations of this world, and to be able to show others a pathway that leads not to instant gratification, but to eternal joy in My Presence.

Turn to Me in prayer at all times.  Give Me every moment of your day, every decision that you are presented with, every choice.  I care about you and all of My Creation.

Do not be distracted by all you see going on around you.  This must all come to pass and is all within My Plan.  I hear your prayers for your loved ones and for others you have been asked to pray for.  I hear these prayers and answer all those that come from your heart.

July 27, 2016 7:50 am

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