Monday, July 11, 2016

Responding In These Dark Times

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Recently I have received periodic messages that I believe are from the Lord. But, I submit them to either my pastor or my spiritual director, depending on where they are directed. They fall into the prophetic category of exhortation and teaching, not the false category we saw with Locutions to the World some time ago, of prediction of imminent disaster with details included to scare the pants off of us.

On Saturday morning I decided to go to the farmer’s market across town, but decided also to stop in at the Adoration Chapel at St. Mary’s Church after that. I chose, in obedience, to take my iPad along, though I have a beautiful little book for Eucharistic Meditation. I thought maybe there was something on it that I was supposed to read.

After some time glorying in His Majesty, and how Our Holy Mother fit into the plan of Salvation (not that I can really grasp these wonderful mysteries) sentences were coming to me, as they sometimes do, and I reached for my iPad to write them down. For me, using the iPad is a wonderful tool, because if I wrote things out by hand, even I would have no idea what I just wrote.

Anyway what follows is what I received. As I felt it pertained to the The Next Right Step folks specifically, I sent it to Charlie Johnston for discernment. He concluded that whether or not it was of divine origin, it was a worthy comment for this particular piece that was coming.

Today’s Mass readings make it clear that God wants our hearts to be committed and submitted to Him, and Him alone. Many years ago, in frustration, I called out to the Lord and asked Him what He wanted from me. His clear one word answer said it all: “Everything.” Now over 20 years later I am beginning to understand.

So, here it is.

My Dear Children:

The things that you see happening now, are signs of these dark times. But, they are the beginnings. Hearts are hardened against Me, and hardened hearts do not act in love, but in fear, rage and hatred. By removing Me from their lives, when I have called them so often, the people of this age have made a God of the one they see in the mirror, or so they think. In fact they have fallen into worship of the evil one covertly.

But, I am a jealous God, not jealous as you would be, but a jealousy that shows in My Mercy, and Tenderness, My Compassion. But, My Children, soon will come My Justice. The time of My Mercy will soon pass. But, My Justice is not like yours either. My Justice is coming to attempt one more time to call all mankind to Me, to Trust in Me, for there will be no other way out during the time of My Justice. Remember children, that I desire that none be lost, and so my plan takes this greatest desire of My Heart into account.

The fear, rage and hatred of these times will be shown to be fruitless and will burn out. When it does many will descend to despair. But, you My Children must be a beacon as a lighthouse shows the way, for all those you encounter. As you place your trust more and more in Me each day, your light grows brighter and brighter. This light of your spirit is seen by the spirits of others, and in the darkness coming will guide them to safety.

Do not fear that the decisions you make are wrong. If you have done your best to listen to My Voice, whether you have made the exact correct choice or missed the mark, your desire to serve Me and to honor Me arises to my throne as a sweet incense. I know where you are every moment of every day, and even if you discover that you have been in the wrong place, do you not think that I have taken that into account?

Like Martha, you often worry and fret about things that are of little import. But, as I loved Martha and corrected her, so I will love and correct you. Accept my correction, and imitate your dear Mother, who took all things into her heart and pondered them. She has remained close to My Heart, and I invite you to come take her hand and come to My Heart.

Continue to pray for this world in its sin sickened state. Continue to sacrifice your will to Mine. Be holy for I am Holy.

Love loves you.

Saint Mary’s Adoration Chapel
July 9, 2016
10:30 am

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