Friday, May 22, 2009

Why Go After Ezra, Kathy et al

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I was musing over why the good folks at the HRCs are targeting Ezra Levant in particular, and Kathy Shaidle Mark Steyn, and other conservative free speechers in general with law suits, and it came to me, like in a vision, a moment of clarity, or maybe it was gas. I'm not sure.

But here it is. I will deal with their particular and current plight in a later post or two, because they are being victimized, and I think I have inadvertently diminished the challenges that they face in earlier posts, because they put a brave face on their work, and soldier on.

So, again here it is. In my professional life, I had as an educational background a Chartered Accountancy designation earned after my years at university here in Ontario. Later I earned a Masters Certificate in Project Management, and along the way, I was active in managing my own business and in project and branch management for a public company in the computer services field.

What I learned along the way and imparted to the folks who worked under me was that we, and anybody in any business, were in the business of "managing expectations". It was not about a particular product, but managing the expectations of your boss, your employees, and your clients.

When I look at the business model of the HRCs, up until fairly recently they were doing a darn fine job of managing expectations up and down the food chain, at least until Mr. Levant stuck his meddling mug into the mix, and his cronies, those right wing, conservative apple cart disrupters came on the scene.

What a business model. You have all the funding you need, with no requirement to show a profit. So, that part of expectation management is off the table, unlike normal businesses, like the ones that the so called victims are going after usually. You're on the government dole people, with no accountability. How's that for a start?

Then, to keep the money coming in, year after year, all you need is a tricked up annual report of all the good you are doing for society to keep your masters happy. So, if you can control the spin on who society is for purposes of this annual report and control your inputs and outcomes, you've got it made in the shade, Bubba. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Now here is where the business model gets even better. In this case, you can control it from first input to final outcome, thereby pretty much guaranteeing the ability to give your Masters what they need to keep giving you more and more money each year ad nauseum.

First, you get new business, you know, the victims of discrimination, or hate. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Oops, wrong country!

It's not like they need a sales force out in the field looking for customers. There is enough history that they will come banging on the door, though I understand that Ontario is hunting amongst new immigrants with a new booklet they are publishing, but that's probably overkill just to grease the skids. And, sometimes on slow days, I have heard, the Canadian HRC has been known to put lipstick on one of their pigs, and go chatting on the white supremacist sites, trying to stir up a bit of business.

Anyway, I digress. People knock on the door figuratively or literally with their complaint in hand. It's also not like they can go down the street if they don't like your product or service. You have the product and the service is free. There is one tiny fun bit of competition though. A Claimant, under some circumstances, can file claims in multiples jurisdictions, sort of a double jeopardy thing for the Defendant, no biggy for the Claimant.

So, Mr. (in this case) Whomever comes with his complaint to the door of his local HRC. He is greeted by the Investigator who will steer the case through the Gates of Hell for him. The Investigator cheerfully explains the good news of HRCdom to them.

Here's how the opening monologue of the first interview might go, after the HRC Investigator greets Mr. Whomever who has arrived at the doors of the HRC.

"Hello, Mr. Whomever. Welcome to the HRC. We are here to help you with your grief. In fact, it is your lucky day Sir. On days, that end in a "y", we offer free service from beginning to end, meaning we will investigate this egregious offence to your Human Rights, we'll prosecute it and finally we will adjudicate it all here at the HRC, with no muss, fuss or bother to you along the way.

I also want to advise you that that any sums which we are able to weasel out of your employer (or other miscreant we might be putting the blocks to on your behalf) will be tax free to you.

Here's the best part, Sir. While we pick up your tab, the Defendant will need a flock of Bay Street lawyers at up to $500 per hour, if he wants to have any chance to keep up with us. Oh, and by the way, the odds of him winning are pretty slim, since we make this stuff up as we go along, so his high priced lawyer doesn't stand much of a chance.

Oh, you were looking for the Motor Vehicle Licensing Office. That's 2 floors down, Sir. Are you sure that you were never discriminated against? I mean, you are here. We could whip up a complaint in almost no time whatsoever."

You want me to put what where the sun never shines."

Well, you get my point. I hope that I have not offended anybody, with my little attempt at humour.

So, what you have is a cradle to grave integrated business. It is a one stop industry. It doesn't get any better than this.

How can a client be dissatisfied? They got what they paid for, right? And Big Brother took on the Bad Guys on their behalf. No Pain. Potential Big Gain. Purrfect.

Since the HRC does their own investigating, they steer it in the direction of their objective. This is a sausage making machine. The objective is to get sausage out at the end. Things that would hinder the taste of the sausage like the possible odious background of the Complainant or the Sainthood of the Defendant are "poof" like they never happened. See no evil (or good). Speak no evil (or good). Hear no evil (or good). Unless it helps our case.

Then, along comes that big mouthed Jew Ezra Levant. Oh, and Mark Steyn also another big loud mouthed Jew, even if he isn't Jewish. And then Kathy Shaidle, a teeny weeny loud mouthed Jew, for a Roman Catholic.

I can hear the head honchos of the HRCs saying now: "We get mean when someone messes with our green."

I gotta tell you, Ezra, Mark, Kathy et al, if you think these HRC folks are going to roll over and play dead you are sorely mistaken. And to them it is not about the truth. It is about being right. It has always been about being right.

William Pitt, British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778 said at one time"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it." It appears that the HRCs have had unlimited power, and have made this statement true in the extreme here in Canada.

The strategy of Ezra, and those who work with him to denormalize the HRC juggernaut looks like a pretty good one to me, but it will not accomplish its goals without a fight along the way.

I urge any of you who are reading to support Ezra, Kathy and the others who are trying to bring light to the darkness of this HRC debacle that is a stain on our society. Donate funds on their blogs to their defence funds. Show them we support them.

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