Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stephen Boissoin - Please Contact me Again

I started a multi part commentary on the Rev. Stephen Boissoin case at the Alberta HRC a while ago, and had attempted to contact Rev. Boissoin by email, but was unsuccessful. As a result, I stopped part way through my blogging on this case.

In my earlier blogs, I gave some background on Rev. Boissoin based on what I was able to find, then I reprinted the letter that he wrote to the Red Deer Advocate, with some of my own opinions, but I did not go on to the actual case.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have been recovering from a brain injury for several years. In this case, I got sidetracked and as often happens to me, I don't remember that I got sidetracked. I did not realise until Stephen Boissoin himself left a comment on my blog that I had not completed what I had set out to do, which was a review of the actual case and its results.

He commented to my earlier blog entry as follows:

"It's funny how so many opinions can generate from one letter to the editor. I don't classify myself as a Fundamentalist by any means. My 2002 letter was against the propagation of homosexuality as normal yada yada to young people. I know many that do not consider themselves even religious yet still agree with my letter. My letter was submitted for specific reasons, some which were national, provincial and others that were ongoing in my own community.

If you are at all interested in who I am and what I think....ask.


Stephen Boissoin"

I believe that Rev. Boissoin was railroaded by the Alberta HRC freight train, which my next blog entry would reveal. I had also contacted his "co-accused" the organisation then called Concerned Christian Coalition of which he was National Chairman, and now called Concerned Christians Canada Inc.

I am interested in who you are and what you think, Rev. Boissoin. If you were to read my other blogs you would see that I am looking into the real victims of the HRCs, and in your case they are you, your family, and the children you ministered to on the streets of Red Deer Alberta, and probably others I don't know about.

I moderate comments to my blog before they are put onto the blog, so if you can leave me a comment with a way to connect to you, and an email address or phone number, I will use it only to communicate between us, and will not post the blog comment to protect you from being contacted by other readers of the blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again,

I agree that I am a victim. This whole thing is extremely absurd, unfair and cruel but it does not prevent me from sharing my opinion. My life goes on, and I refuse to abide by any ruling that infringes on my personal and religious liberties.

There are those that live for this stuff. They portray me as a poor, beaten down and almost defeated man. It makes me sick when I read such comments as God is far too faithful to allow such. The journey has been hard and has come with costs but God is bigger and more faithful than the cost. I am far from poor, God provides. After what God has led me through in life, it would take far more than what a HRC can dish out to beat me down. Also, I am not at all defeated and confidently defy the HRC ruling whenever I choose to do so.

I took my website offline because I have decided to focus on other things. I simply have no further interest in devoting more energy to this absolutely absurd situation. Yes, I will finish the battle with courage and faith. We are in appeal court this Sept.

After seven years of this foolishness I have gotten wise. Let's be real here. The HRC can kiss my proverbial ... Life goes on and it is unpredictable and short. My focus is my family, walking with Christ on a daily basis and living life. I trust God to sort out the rest.

- I have two kids, 12 year old daughter and 14 year old son. They mean the world to me.
- I resinged from fulltime ministry mainly due to doctrinal reasons. I no longer hold credentials and am no longer a Reverend. I am just a Christian in love with Christ. I always hated the label 'reverend' anyways and do not believe that any man should receive it.
- I try not to curse but sometimes when I stub my toe or get angry, I slip.
- I love helping the less fortunate, missions, comtemplating the meaning of life via theology and philosophy.
- Red wine has really grown on me too although I am not a big drinker by any means.
- Religiousity disgusts me.
- My main hobby is boxing. I am the oldest active boxer with Boxing Alberta.
- I do not hate homosexuals. I call many 'friend.' Admittedly, I hate homosexuality....the lifestyle is disgusting. The entire topic is a fragment of my life though.
- I would put my life at risk to prevent a homosexual from being harmed.
- I love cheesecake, pasta, steak and even sushi.
- I am simply a man looking towards the light. At times I stumble, pick myself up, dust myself off while remembering the cross and press on.
- God is good...that has been my experience.

Ask whatever you like and I will reply.


Stephen Boissoin