Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boissoin Rev. Stephen - Alberta HRC Part 1 Who is Rev. Boissoin

In 2002 Reverend Stephen Boissoin found himself at the center of an Alberta Human Rights Commission charge that was levied by one Dr. Darren Lund, who took offense at a letter to the editor of the Red Deer Advocate that Reverend Boissoin wrote on June 17 of that year.

Stephen Boissoin currently resides in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. He was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario, in a Roman Catholic home where he was introduced to Christianity, the values of which he ascribes to today.

He moved to Alberta in his teens and never left. It took him until his mid twenties to come to appreciate the presence of God in his life. At that time, as a rebellious young man, he discovered a deep and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This type of personal relationship can only be understood by someone who also has that relationship or who is ready to encounter God and undertake a similar relationship themselves. To everyone else, it seems like mindless drivel.

Stephen eventually entered Bible College and successfully completed his studies to become a pastor. He spent almost a decade of fulltime pasturing at both church and para-church venues, plus doing inter-city missionary work with at-risk youth.

Somewhere along the way in dealing with at-risk youth, it became apparent to him that there was an operative homosexual agenda that was one of the factors drawing youth away from traditional family values. He felt a need to stand up against it, and in his letter to the Editor of the Red Deer Advocate in early 2002, he declared war against the homosexual propaganda machine, as he saw it, in the only way he knew how, as a pastor of youth. He spoke out in a public forum, expressing views that were to him based on biblical values, and principals.

In 2005, he resigned from fulltime ministry due to the toll that 4 years till then and 8 now had taken on him and those he loved. As he says in his own words: “I decided to take a sabbatical, minister part time and find myself with God again. Though my own two gifts from God, daughter 12 and son 14, are my #1 focus, I am still very passionate about and still involved with youth ministry.”

Reverend Boissoin is a committed Christian. His lens on Christianity may happen to be a different lens than mine, yours and other flavors of other religions or belief systems. Only in the hereafter will we find out if any of us got any of it right. He speaks of war against evil, but means it in a spiritual warfare sense, and is not afraid to call what he thinks is a spade a spade.

From that perspective, please feel free to read the next blog, which is the letter to the editor that got Reverend Boissoin into hot water with the Alberta thought police.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how so many opinions can generate from one letter to the editor. I don't classify myself as a Fundamentalist by any means. My 2002 letter was against the propagation of homosexuality as normal yada yada to young people. I know many that do not consider themselves even religious yet still agree with my letter. My letter was submitted for specific reasons, some which were national, provincial and others that were ongoing in my own community.

If you are at all interested in who I am and what I think....ask.


Stephen Boissoin

mbrandon8026 said...

Stephen if you read this comment, go to my newer blog entry and contact me please. Or email me at