Sunday, May 24, 2009

John Fulton - Ontario HRC

Gender Discrimination Maybe or Maybe Not

John Fulton owns 2 fitness clubs in St. Catherines Ontario. One is a mixed club, Fulton Fitness. The other is a Women's Only Club, Downtown Health Club.

Now, Mr. Fulton has been in the fitness business since 1982, and is a pretty open minded guy. He supports worthy causes regardless of sexuality, religion, skin color etc. He is basically a pretty smart business man, as well as a stand up guy.

So, a few years back, he was running a special for his clubs and a woman came to join, and as she was about to complete the membership, the discussion got around to the fact that she was in fact transgendered and also still had male genitalia. Mr. Fulton did not know how to handle this and asked for a pause to figure it out.

Well, the prospective client left in a Huff, or some other mode of transport, maybe a broom, and the legal letters started and then the Ontario Human Rights Commission got involved, when they received the complaint from her.

You know the Pit Bulls from the Ontario HRC. I am calling them that not because they are persistent, though they are. I am thinking of it more in the context that they come onto your property uninvited, bite you in the a??, then sh?t all over, and then leave you with a sore a??, and a mess to clean up.

Mr. Fulton actually was really interested in how he could accommodate this transgendered person, as well as his other clients. However, it got harder with all the manure that had to be sifted through.

I have a friend who is transgendered, and a fine person. When we first met at a mixed retreat, she asked if she could bunk in with the women, rather than the men, although she still has male genitalia. She asked, and a few of the women offered to take her in with them, and it worked out very well. She did not presume anything, but asked for assistance, and what should come as no big surprise, she got the assistance and care that she needed for her special circumstance, and we all were the better for it.

But, in this case, the transgendered individual has not asked for help, but demanded so called rights not to be offended, and the rights of the women who are members of the club already don't count. What is the fairness of that?

John Fulton is being bled dry by this nonsense, because that is how the HRCs operate. They will win as Ezra Levant said on the radio when talking with Mr. Fulton and Roy Green because that is how they operate. They intend to bleed Mr. Fulton dry until they get what they want, and then they have a precedent.

If you want to help Mr. Fulton fight this injustice you can donate to his cause at Canadian Constitution Foundation

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