Monday, February 15, 2016

We Are Plan B People. We Must Stop it!

God is the God of The Plan, one plan, His Plan for the Salvation of the World.

"No Battle Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy" - Helmuth von Moltke

We, mere mortals, are Plan B people.  We know that von Moltke spoke a general truth, and though we might be irritated by it, we generally expect it.  If, for example, you are doing some renovation of your basement, you will undoubtedly come across something you did not expect.  Then you have to move from Plan A to Plan B.

God is not like that.  Because God is omniscient and all seeing He does not need a Plan B.  God is not bound by time or space.

So, when Adam and Eve committed the Original Sin, the Father did not call Jesus, and the Holy Spirit together and have a family conference to figure out what to do next.  The Father was in no way shocked or surprised that Adam and Eve bit into that juicy apple.  He knew they would, and The Plan had already factored that in.

Also, when God the Father sent the Angel Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he did not have the Angel Rafael in reserve to go down the street and ask Betty Lou in case Mary said no.  The Plan had already factored in what God already knew was about to happen.

God has known every little detail of all of the world and all of humanity since before there was time, and He did it anyway, all of it.  He knew that we would sin against Him before He created us, and He also knew that He would send His Divine Son Jesus to redeem us, and knew that we would still reject Him and continue to do so.

But, from before time began Mary was a part of The Plan.

Mark Mallett has laid out for us simply how Mary is a part not only of the original Incarnation of Jesus but of His incarnation in each one of us in today's Lenten Meditation.  The part that Mary plays in God's plan of salvation is critical to its success.  You could say it is pivotal to success.  You could also say, and it is important that you say it, not only with your lips, but with your heart, that Mary is an instrument in any part you have to play in The Plan, by her example and by her motherly love.

When, by the Middle Ages, many Catholic leaders had gotten off God's Plan by lies, cheating, and gross negligence of the responsibilities they were given, Luther and others, in their frustration, came up with a new plan.  They called their plan The Reformation.  So, they countered disobedience by ramping up disobedience to a higher level.  Neither of these were The Plan, but bastardizations of The Plan, which, by the way, in no way have ever diminished God's Plan for Our Salvation.

But, now we find ourselves in dire times that have been prophesied,   It is evident that we are teetering on the brink of chaos, of a magnitude and depth that we have never seen, and cannot imagine.

So, what are we to do?  You may say to me that if you knew what was coming you would prepare.  In response, I say to you that the signs of what is coming have been in front of your very nose for a long time, and yet you have done nothing, expect party on.

Many of you want to know if when whatever happens happens, whether you will lose access to your medications, clean water, electricity, that nice car in your driveway, and your home, and internet service.  Well, God knows.  It is part of His Plan, and you will find out when you need to know.

We are in the midst of the wonderful Season of Lent.  It is a time for us to draw closer to Our Lord. It is a time to listen for His voice and to set aside the voices that do not lead us to Him.

Charlie Johnston produced a new article today entitled The Way of the Cross is the Path to Victory. In it he makes mention of a number of the things that have been part of the rupture of our society, some of which will probably come as news to you.  Yes, it is getting that bad. THAT BAD!!

But, that is good.

Pope Francis was raked over the coals by many well meaning individuals for appointing folks to positions that were not on the "right" side of many issues, and for allowing voices to be heard at the two halves of the recent Synod.  I refused to get my knickers in a twist over it.  I was certain in my heart that God was guiding Our Holy Father to bring the wolves out of the darkness into the open so we could all see them and what they stand for.

The evil one is having to come out of hiding as he ramps up his plans to take as many with him to eternal damnation as he can.  This too is all part of God's Plan.

Bear in mind and heart these words from 2 Chronicles Chapter 7:14
if then my people, upon whom my name has been pronounced, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven and pardon their sins and heal their land.
But, to  put it more simply, Acknowledge God, Take the Next Right Step, and Be a Sign of Hope for Others.  Be like Mary, and say yes, moment by moment, step by step.

Hell breaking loose does not change God's Plan one iota.  There is no plan B.

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