Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Political Correctness Is an Oxymoron

Our society has been caught up in the storm clouds, rains and winds of political correctness, as they grow stronger and more malevolent day to day.  The effects have been devastating and we have stood by and watched, in awe of its power.  We have failed to see that political correctness is not correct, but fraught with destructive lies that have crippled us, as they have intruded into our lives.

From Wikipedia comes a definition of Political Correctness as follows:
Political correctness (or PC for short) means using words or behavior which will not offend any group of people. Most people think it is important for everyone to be treated equally, fairly and with dignity. Some words have been used for a long time that are unkind to some people. Sometimes these words have now been replaced by other words that are not offensive. Such words are described as politically correct. The term is often used in a mocking sense when attempts at avoiding offense are seen to go too far.
Political correctness has run its course.  It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  But to be really insane you must not only repeat previous failures, you must ramp them up even more each time, and that is what we have seen with political correctness.

The real purpose of PC is to overpower dissent.  It is impossible to behave and speak in ways that are inoffensive to everyone.  So, the politically correct pick their poison and pile it on.

Political correctness has morphed from the definition above to a range between lying outright through telling people what they want to hear, instead of telling the truth in love.  In this Year of Mercy, that dog will no longer hunt.

In the last couple of years two valiant young folks and their teams have used investigative journalism techniques to expose lies and deceptions relative to the abortion industry.  Lila Rose of Live Action and David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress are both 20 somethings, in their cases 27 to be exact.  They have exposed the abortion racket of Planned Parenthood to the world, and the world is not thanking them for it.

Meanwhile, well meaning Christians have tut tutted calling their approach deceitful and sinful.  After all, they did lie about their credentials to gain access to those they were investigating.  While Lila Rose and David Daleiden are doing the heavy lifting for us all, many of us want to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.  That is somewhat akin to calling Jesus a liar for telling parables, since they were not true stories, and then walking away looking for something better.

If you are one who has criticized Lila and David for their methods, get down off your high horse, and thank God that "a little child shall lead them".  Either get out of the way, or form a line because we are marching into battle.

I am 65 years old, and the people of my generation are the major culprits in the sexual revolution. We were there at the beginning and either stood by, or participated in it, lo these many years.

I participated in this revolution, to my great shame.  I knew people who I could claim were deeper into it than I.  Like President Clinton I can say "I didn't inhale."  Really, can you believe this?  My sexual sin has caused great pain to loved ones, and terrible witness to others.

But, I am not alone, and many of you were there right beside me, and if you were not beside me you kept your mouths shut, as political correctness took hold early on.

Political correctness is so intrusive that many are twisting the words of Our Holy Father and the meaning of the Year of Mercy to provide cover for themselves and their friends and families.

Mercy without Truth is not really mercy, just political correctness with a new hairdo and makeup.

When people like our presidents and presidential hopefuls, and prime ministers hide behind a convenient Christian faith while promoting abortion, and shouting down any dissent, the Church has a responsibility to stand up and tell them that the "Emperor has no clothes."

We have spent too much time hiding from the Truth about sexual sin, and its fruits.  Pope Paul VI wrote a beautiful and prophetic encyclical letter Humane Vitae,  It was very prophetic and where we are at as a society is the fruit of us not reading it and listening to it in the depths of our hearts, for what he feared would come to pass, did in fact visit us, and it visits us still.

Now, as I look back with eyes that are more open than every before I see that we have been duped by many in Church leadership, politicians and the media.

How in God's little green earth could the bishops of the Canadian Catholic Church ever put forward the Winnipeg Statement in measured, carefully worded defiance of the spirit and measure of Humanae Vitae?  In essence Canadian bishops told adherents to the faith to follow their consciences, without catechizing them to have properly formed consciences.

In Canada, we have something we affectionately call lawfare.  It is a form of welfare where if you believe and can make a case that I have offended you by something I have done, said or written, even if it is true, you can haul me up before a human rights (really human lefts) organisation either at the provincial or federal level and get free legal support from the organisation itself.  I, in turn, become a hapless stooge and must hire my own legal defense, at my cost, pretty much regardless of the outcome.  As Ezra Levant, a Canadian lawyer and political commentator, who was himself beaten upon by two levels of human rights pariahs said: "The punishment is the process."

The problem here in Canada is compounded by the fact that these organisations are all political appointments, and a change in government is no guarantee that they will be put in their place, as we have seen over the last decade.  However, that does not make it right, and where there is injustice we must stand against it.

In America there have blatant political cover for those who support the status quo, and can use the legal system to break down dissent, not unlike our lawfare.

But, unlike in Canada, our American brothers and sisters can work in any electoral cycle, to remove and replace many of the politically correct folks because they are elected officials.

Charlie Johnston, who brings hope to the faithful at his The Next Right Step blog urged readers to communicate with legislators and others of import last week, after the absolutely ridiculous indictment of David Daleiden and Susan Merritt for exposing Planned Parenthood in Houston We Have a Problem.  

But, in his latest post Storming the Gates of Hell, Charlie reminds us that the battle is on, that it is not ours, but the Lord's and we are to man our battle stations, and join in:
For too long, we Christians have acted in a defensive manner, worried that satan might successfully storm the gates of heaven. We are to take the offense – take the battle to the satanic strongholds, call things by their proper names. Good is not evil: evil is. Evil is not good: good is. Call things by their proper names. Executing infants is not good, it is evil. Harvesting executed babies for their organs is not good, it is evil. Using the justice system to persecute whistle-blowers and protect evil-doers is not good, it is evil. The Lord said the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church. That is a call to bring the fight to the satan, not merely to defend against his assaults against us. It is time to storm the gates of hell with confidence and vigor – for our Master has already told us they will not prevail against our assault. That is how the Rescue commences.
This paragraph summarizes things very well. In summary of his summary, Evil is Evil, not Good, and we must call it what it is, in season and out.

Our primary weapons are our Faith, faithful reception of the Sacraments, our Rosaries and other devotions to Our Dear Lord, and His Blessed Mother. In all these, we must love our neighbors, and show them Mercy.

Who is our neighbor that is in need of our love? Why, it is the most unlovable of them all, the liars, cheats, worst sinners we come across, including the one we see in the mirror each day.

We must no longer equivocate, but we must speak truth to falsehood, charity to hatred, faith to disbelief, and hope to the hopeless.

Many years ago, I heard Kenneth Copeland, a Christian prosperity preacher say something that got my attention. He said: "The success of every Christian endeavor is a prayer success."

The Next Right Step is to engage the battle that is right before our eyes, with humility and prayer, trusting God to guide us to the following Next Right Step.

The Storm has arrived. In fact, it has been upon us for some time. We can no longer marvel at the clouds, the rains and the winds. We must move out and rescue our brothers and sisters before they drown and are lost for eternity.

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