Sunday, May 16, 2010

Praise the Lord on the Ascension

Sunday Praise

Today has been a bright sunny day here in Southern Ontario.  Praise the Lord for the sun today, and for the recent rains that have turned everything green.

Praise the Lord for prayer partners to meet with in the mornings and pray the Divine Office.  Reuniting with brothers in the Lord and giving the first hours of the morning to Him is a blessing, and sets up the day.

Praise the Lord for the sifting that is going on in the Catholic Church.  It is a true blessing to have all that is not of God being brought to the surface where we can individually and collectively repent and seek forgiveness.  Doing this removes all hypocrisy from the Church, which is necessary in theses times we live in.

As always, I am most grateful for the wonderful life partner I have in My Dear Wife.

As well, I praise Him for leading me to other faith filled Christians and their writings that inspire me to be a better man and son of God.

Above all I praise God that He sent His Son Jesus here to be with us, and to rise from the dead as He promised.  But, today, I praise Him that his last words just before He ascended to heaven give us the impetus to preach forgiveness and repentance, but above all to seek them both for ourselves and those we love.

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