Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers 31 Steelers 25

Call me Surprised!!

I live in London, Ontario much of the year, and Tucson Arizona during the winter.  So, I didn't really have a dog in the fight, or even a football team.  But, two really good teams played a whale of a game last night for the Lombardi Trophy, and it is making its way back to Green Bay, where Vince Lombardi made his name as former coach of the Packers.

But, for many watchers the highlights are the $100,000 a second commercials that were shown for the first time during the game.  $3,000,000 smackers for 30 seconds of eyeball time.  WOW!!

Since Apple finished their series of Mac/PC commercials a year or so ago, my favourites have been the eTrade baby commercials.  This morning I found this video of the out takes from the eTrade cutting room floor.  Actually the cutting room floor is where most of them belonged.

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