Thursday, February 10, 2011

Does This Image Offend You? - I Didn't Think So. Me Either

What Makes Us Take Offense?

A while back, I posted an image of an aborted child.  It was real and it was graphic, as that child had been torn limb from limb during an abortion, which is what happens in an abortion.  It is the taking of an innocent life. 

One young woman who I know and respect very much wrote me personally to tell me that the image offended her (as I hoped it might) and explained her reasons for feeling offense.  I respect that she had the courage to personally tell me what she felt, rather than trying to carry on as if I never posted it and she never saw it.

We should be offended by that image, though we will be offended for different reasons, but should that image be censored for some reason?

How about this image?

This is an image from the Holocaust, the murder of over 6,000,000 Jews, mainly by the German armed forces during World War II.  This is historical fact.  It cannot be denied.  Many people did terrible things to others whose only sin was being Jewish, which most of us do not know to be a sin.  (It isn't, by the way.)

This image is publicly available, and is horrible in what it depicts.  Yet, we are not offended by it.  And we do not hate German people because of the sins of their fathers.  When we see something like this picture, we want to be sure that nothing like it ever happens again.  It is almost too horrible to imagine.

But, since Roe v. Wade, and other events that have propelled abortion into the prominence that it now has, we have seen abortion rise to an epidemic.  14,000,000 million American unborn children have been murdered in the last decade, and probably 1,400,000 or so Canadian unborn children.

If the numbers of the unborn who are killed are not staggering on their own, and the images not graphic enough for you and me to scream out that this must stop, what then will it take for us to demand an end to abortion in our countries.

Here is a picture of the man who was most responsible for the murder of 6,000,000 Jews.

Does anybody in their right mind want to praise this man, give him the Order of Canada, or give him accolades?  I thought not.

Yet, here is another man, who by fighting for the decriminalization of abortion, and running a series of abortion clinics, has led the charge that has resulted in the taking of the lives of so many unborn Canadian children.

This man, born in Poland 1923, and being Jewish, spent time in his youth, in a prison camp.  If any man on earth should know about Holocaust, he should.  He has been given the Order of Canada, for his work on behalf of Women.

Do we live in a wacky world or what?

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