Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Is Over For Me (Or Is It?)

Back In Arizona

After 3 hard days of driving, I have arrived in Tucson Arizona.  Since My Dear Wife was unable to make the planned trip at this time, and we had to close on the purchase of our park model trailer by December 31, I had to come alone. 

Since I was alone, I decided to put peddle to the metal and get here where it was warm.  I had the Catholic Channel on XM Radio for company, but more on that later.  I got to Saint Louis, the first night, Amarillo the second and Tucson yesterday afternoon.  My body is on Ontario (EST) time, and my mind is somewhere in the Midwest, but some part of me is here in front of the keyboard on Thursday morning December 30, 2010 in Tucson, AZ.

But, I arrived in one of the sunniest places in North America to see rain, and a temperature in the upper 40s Fahrenheit.  When I got into Oklahoma, and beyond, I saw NO SNOW.  Last night here in the Tucson area, there was a blizzard warning for Mount Lemon, which is about a half hour drive from the edge of the city.  They were talking about the possibility of snow here in the city.  Tucson has 350 sunny days a year.  Yesterday was not one of them, and today does not look good either. 

Temps here won't exceed 54 for the next 3 days, though tomorrow and Saturday it will at least be sunny.  Then HEAT WAVE!!

In London Ontario, it will get to 39 tomorrow.  Global Warming in Southern Ontario.  Global Cooling in Southern Arizona.  Not to Worry!!

Aside from missing my best friend, lover and wife (all in one) I am glad to be here though, and looking forward to settling into our park model today and tomorrow, and preparing for herself to arrive in a few weeks, after she sees her doctors and heads to Calgary to visit with our newest grandchild Charlotte, and her beautiful siblings Sam and Emilia, and their parents, Katie and Marc.  While I wait for her to come, I will just have to enjoy the warmer climate of the south for the winter.

On my journey here, I listened to 3 days of Catholic radio on the Catholic Channel on Sirius/XM satellite radio, which I really enjoy for its uplifting nature, and for the ability that the on air personalities have of sharing the Gospel in even the simple, humorous or mundane things of life.  As it is Christmas, the on air folks, Gus Lloyd on Seize the Day from 6-10am EST, Greg and Jennifer Willits — The Catholics Next Door! from 10am-1pm, Bob Dunning,  Lino Rulli, and Father Dave Dwyer going on until the evening, had repeats of earlier shows. The shows were still enjoyable, and I even enjoyed the excerpts that I had heard before.

My personal favourite show is Seize the Day, which Gus hosts from his home in Tampa Florida, and now that I am in AZ, it comes on at 4 am our time here, so I will miss most or all of it.  Gus was the original recipient of the Drain Me of Me prayer over on the left of the blog here.  He is a very knowledgeable apologist for the Catholic faith, and has Cd's available on his web site that are very insightful for Catholics trying to understand and live their faith better.   His personal web site is

Greg and Jennifer Willits host the Catholics Next Door in the late morning eastern time from a suburb of Atlanta Georgia.  Their love for each other, and their 5 children is only superseded by their love of Our Saviour.  Their sharing of the faith, and their lives is a blessing to listeners.  Their personal web site is

One of their guests on the repeat show yesterday was Fr. Leo Patalinghug, a wild and crazy Catholic priest, with a flair for cooking and teaching the Gospel through food as an analogy.  He too has his own web site Grace Before Meals.

To all who prayed for my safe travels, thank you.  To all of you readers, may God Bless You abundantly this day, that He has made.

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