Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 65th Birthday Deacon George Sebok

And May You Enjoy Many More

Today, my dear friend and prayer partner Deacon George Sebok celebrates his 65th birthday.  December 1 is not only the day of his birth, but was also the day of his father's birth and his grandfather's birth.  And so, it is a special day for the Sebok family.  George is officially a senior citizen today, though he did not look any older than he did earlier this week.

Deacon George has been a blessing in my life, and I appreciate his joyful heart, prayerful demeanor, and the wisdom that he has been given to share with me and others.  I cannot describe how much it means to me and to my growth in faith and love to have a prayer partner like him walking beside me on my journey.  Seeing his smiling face would make getting up at 5:45 on weekday mornings, when I would rather sleep, worthwhile alone, if it were not already worthwhile to spend the time with Our Saviour.

And, of course, it is always a great joy to spend the prayer time with my brother Wayne Zimmer, who meets with us each morning.  This year, Wayne celebrated his 50th birthday.  Also, this year I celebrated my 60th birthday.  Milestones all!!

This morning after our prayer time, we went to a restaurant called Angel's (seems appropriate) for breakfast.  There we were met by one other long time friend and prayer partner, Deacon Chuck Stillwell, who was just coming home from his job working nights in security.  It was a great joy for the four of us to spend time together once again.

Father, I ask you to pour a new and fresh anointing on my brother George this day, in honour of his birthday.  I ask that you continue to heal the raltionships in his extended family, and bring all of his children back into your fold completely, in the faith into which they were baptised, and in the joy of the knowledge of their Saviour.

Today, I also pray belatedly for our brother Wayne and his family, that you would give him a new and fresh anointing in memory of the 50 years that he has walked on this earth, with a heart of love and service to You.  I ask you to heal the grieving over lost loved ones, and continue to inspire his children to love and serve you with hearts like their father's.

I lift up Deacon Chuck as well, in gratitude for the time we shared this morning, and also in gratitude for the things you are doing in his life and in that of his precious family.  It was a joy to see his smile and hear his words of wisdom, and know that you are doing a mighty work in his life.

Finally, Father I lift up My Dear Wife to you today, asking for healing for her, and lift up our newest grandchild Charlotte and Emilia and Sam as well, asking that you would fill them and all of our other children and their loved ones with the Spirit that you have given to us all, a spirit of love, of faith, and hope, such that it would draw them back into full communion with you.

Please join your prayers with these, if you will, for where two or more are gathered in His Name, there He is in our midst, and that midst is not bound by time and space.  It is eternal and everywhere.

God Bless You Deacon George today and always.

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