Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stop Fetal Abuse

Seize the Day with Gus Lloyd

Gus Lloyd is a radio announcer, among other things Catholic, on XM Radio's Catholic Channel on Channel 117 of that Service.  It is also available on Sirius Radio at Channel 159.  

I have lived all my life without satellite radio, and never figured to need it, want it, or to listen to it if I could.  My stepson put a receiver in his car a few years ago, and raved about it.  That did not convince me.  But, about two months ago, we purchased a new Honda Accord, and there, built in, was XM Radio.  My initial thought was that I would never listen to it, but then My Dear Wife discovered the 60's channel, which played 24 hours a day of 60's music.  That started to reel me in.

Soon I discovered the Catholic Channel, and while I was alone in Tucson for a few weeks, I played only Channel 117.  I love satellite radio, and I love the Catholic Channel.  It is good from beginning to end, but my favourite radio personality is Gus Lloyd, and his take on that faith that sustains those of us who profess to be Catholic Christians.

Yesterday, he was speaking about a conference call that was led by the Assistant Secretary of Education about bullying in American schools.  During the call, the AS (for Republican supporters, that one S is not a typo) spoke of the intention of the Department of Education to take a firmer stand on bullying in the schools, and stated that his Department would look to pull funding of boards and schools that appeared to tolerate bullying in any form.

This led the Spirit filled Mr. Lloyd to ponder on the issue of bullying, and he came to a revelation that there is an instance of bullying that has gone unchecked in America, and sadly in Canada, and many other nations as well.  That bullying is of the unborn child, who can be torn from his/her mother's womb at any time, with no recourse to the Department of Education, Department of Health, or to anybody but Our Saviour, who I assure you is not amused.

So, he came up with a slogan "Stop Fetal Bullying."  I fully support this and intend to flesh it out myself in the future.  For the moment, I leave it for you to ponder as Gus is doing, and as am I.  But let me leave you also with a modified version of an old saying we knew in grade school:
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But, saline and suction will kill me.

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