Monday, October 18, 2010

Holy Is His Name

The Magnificat - John Michael Talbot

This morning I was driving around Tucson, and listening to XM satellite radio, Channel 117, The Catholic Channel, and I heard JMT interviewed.  He was asked about his signature piece, "Holy is His Name", the Magnificat piece.

He told the interviewer that he had been sitting in the kitchen of a Catholic family, having breakfast.  The mother was cooking and serving pancakes to her 7 children, as JMT sat at table with them.  He said that the inspiration for the song came while at table, in the midst of the busyness and love of a large family having breakfast.

After the meal, he sat down and wrote the song.

I just got a call this minute from my prayer partner in London, Ontario, Wayne Zimmer, and he told me another detail of the story.  He knew the man, whose house in California this occurred in, and confirmed it.  The man, who JMT was visiting was John Clowder, and he told this story to Wayne a number of years ago when he visited with some other prayer friends of ours there.

Small world isn't it?

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