Saturday, October 3, 2009

If We Knew Grandchildren Were So Much Fun

We Would Have Had Them First

Blogging has been a little light for the last day or so and will be for a couple more as the infestation of short people has happened once again at our house. We have had our almost 4 year old grand daughter and her 15 month old brother for the last 2 days and will have them for another day until their parents come and try to pry them from our cold dead hands and scoot them back off to Calgary.

They are such a delight. Our GD loves yergut, her word for yogurt, and would eat it till the cows come home, which of course she couldn't. I mean, if the cows came home, who would milk them, and besides which udder has the yergut in it?

The little darlings ate 3 bowls of Cheerios each yesterday morning. How is that possible, hollow legs or what? Yergut of course, and anything else not nailed down disappeared. Junior is still in diapers so dropped a brick later on yesterday. No surprise there.

We took them out to see Great Grandma yesterday and a great uncle who was visiting. They charmed everyone as usual. What is it with little kids anyway?

Our GD is very much a little girl from the way that she eats to her preference for skirts and dresses, and her choice of toys. I missed a tea party the other day as I was running errands. I was disappointed as it would have been my first grand daughter tea party.

But, Junior is a different kettle of fish or something else when his diaper is full. Which reminds me, watching him standing there doing the hokey poky when he is carving off a loaf with a big grin on his kisser is high entertainment, probably only for grandparents.

Anyway, he is very much a guy. He shreds stuff like a guy, and he even eats like a guy.

At great grandma's, my wife prepared grilled cheese sandwiches, and the little GD asked for ketchup to be put on her plate. She dipped her sandwich in it, very lady like and all, and ate it with gentility. But Junior was a different story all together. He, of course wanted ketchup too, so I obliged by putting some on his plate. He proceeded to place his hand in it, and then close it on the ketchup. Next, he put his entire fist into his mouth and sucked some of the ketchup off his hand, while spreading the rest on his face. Next, he rubbed his hands on the arms of the chair, and smashed his sandwich into the plate, and sort of into his mouth. We think that he absorbs his food through his skin sometimes, because he is a healthy little toad.

After cleaning him and the furniture up, it was time to head back to London for a nap. Junior lasted about 5 minutes in the car before he conked out. Later on that afternoon, after their batteries were charged, the two of them scourged the house, and wore us out playing and kibitzing around. We will really miss them when they leave.

This morning, it started over again. But, Junior is down for a morning nap, so I can write this post, and gramma and the GD are busy making Halloween ornaments.

Life is Good.

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