Sunday, August 3, 2014


In this crazy mixed up world we live in where things that we were raised to know were gravely sinful are treasured as good, where wars are breaking out all over, where drought and famine are common, and uncertain and disastrous weather abounds, it is easy to get discouraged for people of faith.  As if these things happening in the world around us are not sufficient to make the stouthearted feel faint, then the attack on Christian faith in general, and on the Catholic Church in particular, might just be enough to do it.

Except, that God is not bound by time or space, and most particularly is not bound by the whims of foolish men.

Into the midst of a world of chaos, the Lord, Our Precious Saviour Jesus Christ, and sometimes His Blessed Mother Mary, has been speaking to individuals around the world, not just in the still small voice from inside, or by using other human beings to encourage and uplift them, but in an audible voice with which He is asking them to share what He is speaking to them.

With this audible voice Jesus has been speaking to one person in Ridgetown Ontario, under the spiritual direction of Father Sam Johnston, a retired priest of the Diocese of London Ontario for a couple of years now.

These words of prophecy are all available on the Internet here at Fr. Sam's blog.

But, the prophecies are getting more profound, and deeper as time passes, and the one received the other day has upped the ante, and so I urge you to read it particularly here.

The title of the prophecy is "Nothing Shall Be Impossible for God".  Christians know this both instinctively and by education, and faith.  But, with all that is going on in our world, we often look at what is happening and project more and more destruction and chaos as time passes, and perceive that all will be lost.

But, in this prophecy, God wants us to know that all is not lost, that He has a plan, that His plan is working, and that YOU are a part of it.

Although I have linked to the prophecy here are some of the profound statements in the start of it:
I am bringing about a time of testing for those who are Mine in this time of grace, I alone know your capability and desire to help you grow into spiritual greatness. 
It shall be a fortifying and building of your character, one which will show you your weaknesses and your potential for growth.
None are in favour of change for it is often difficult, yet because of My great love for you, a strengthening  and purifying is necessary.
So, here we are with an explanation of the times we are living in.  It is a time of testing, in which grace from God exists, and even abounds.  If you are like me, then Jesus reminding us that we are not in "favour of change" tells me that He knows me pretty well. But, I am all in favour of being strengthened and purified, because even I know that I need it.

Also, in the prophecy, Jesus tells us why this is coming about:
Soon enough this time of grace will have come to an end and there will be decisions of morality and faith to be made, you must be ready. 
Your children will seek guidance and direction from you, where previously they would have rejected your advice and example. 
Do not be surprised that it is 3:00 am when you are awakened, the DIVINE MERCY said at this time will reap great blessings for you and for the stranger for whom you pray. 
I understand that you are weary from your day’s struggles, but will you say “no” to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration to pray, would you give up some sleep for them? 
Time is short with many problems and worries bombarding your thoughts these days, but you must not be distracted in your efforts to do good which are necessary in your life. 
There is nothing that shall be impossible for God, I challenge you to think BIG and believe in the love I want to do through none other than you, it is your time now.
I understand that even in the chaos of our times there is great grace present, but this prophecy says that time of grace will come to an end, and in that ending will come Decision time for us on matters of morality and faith.  That means that the time for compromise with evil will have passed.  Who of us has not compromised with evil just to survive?  I know I have done it, and I know some times when I have done it, and I even know how, though I think I will know it even deeper as this period of grace draws to a close.

But, the beauty of God's plan for us here is that our children, who we have seen wandering as in the desert, as we pray for them and sorrow for the difficulties that they encounter, while celebrating their triumphs as well, will seek our guidance and direction.  That is encouraging.

So, this is a call to people of faith to be strong, to pray, to listen for the voice of God, and to help those in need of our prayers, support, and above all love.

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