Thursday, May 31, 2012

Going to the Polls in November

Our American Brothers and Sisters go to the polls in November.  Catholic voters have recently put aside their consciences and voted for people, some of whom claim to be Catholic, who support abortion, redefinition of marriage, and the taking away of constitutional freedoms.

The Catholic faith is not a smorgasbord, where you pick and choose what you want.  In truth you are either a Catholic Christian committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your heart, or you are not really Catholic, more what we would call a cultural Catholic.  A cultural Catholic pretends that being Catholic matters, but believes that he/she is the maker of his/her own destiny.

This attitude should never have come to the fore, but frankly our bishops and priests fell asleep along with us, and did not provide the teaching that would form our consciences to a hardness that is necessary to wage war against the vagaries of secular humanism and moral relativism.

It's a new day, Baby.  Time to wake up and smell the scorching flesh, before it is yours.

Here is a video that should inspire Catholics and all Christians of good will, because abortion, marriage and religious freedom are not Catholic issues.  They are issues for all people.

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