Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pray For Michael Ignatieff's Soul

He Is Out of Touch With Reality and We Are Letting Him Get Away With It

Iggy was interviewed by the National Post for this article.  Read it if you will, but Father Tim Moyle over at Where the Rubber Hits the Road has a good take on it here.  If you read the original of what Father Tim said, be sure to read the comments as well.  They are challenging, but Father Tim acquits himself well.

It seems to take courage to speak out against the insanity of what Iggy has to say, since so few actually do it.  It must be politically incorrect to call out someone for such drivel, and lies.  Here is what Father Tim says and for me it stands on its own.
The leader of the Canadian Liberal Party has strongly come out in favor of a woman's right to have a government funded abortion for no other reason than she would want to have one. In this article in the National Post, he claims that he does not want to see women die at the hands of back street abortionists (as if somehow pro-life advocates would want such a horrid fate for anyone!).

Michael Ignatieff's challenge to the Conservative Party leader (Prime Minister Stephen Harper) to state clearly his support for unlimited abortion services is little more than a cynical ploy trying to paint the (nominally) pro-life Prime Minister as some sort of fundamentalist extremist.

Leaving aside for one moment the flawed logic of Ignatieff's argument (dead women - bad; dead babies - good), clearly no one of any political persuasion is supporting unsafe medical procedures at the hands of unqualified professionals. To try to label the pro-life camp in such a light is an intellectually dishonest attempt on the part of this alleged academic genius for his own political and personal gain. He should not be allowed to get away with misusing human rights in such a sexist and perverse manner.

If and when the next election comes around, it will be important for Christian's of all stripes to point out that the Liberal Party apparently not only stands for the wholesale slaughter of pre-born children, but is also willing to cynically use womens health issues as a political club to attain their own ends.

It is now as clear as can be:  Liberal Party of Canada desires to kill pre-born children (and the aged as evidenced by their stand on euthanasia). To vote in support of such a party is almost tantamount to material cooperation with evil and is something that a Christian should do with  great hesitation and the gravest of concerns, lest they endanger their own soul with their vote. We all will have to stand before Jesus as our Lord & judge at the end of our life. Those who support pro-death parties like the Liberal Party of Canada should expect the millions of souls killed at the hands of abortionists and doctors practicing euthanasia to give evidence of their unworthiness to be granted entry into eternal paradise.

Something to consider whenever the next election rolls around. Something that Michael Ignatieff should consider as well before he continues down his own path to spiritual (and probably... hopefully political) oblivion. 


JOSHUA said...

The "backstreet abortionist" was a wonky canard when it was initially used by the women's movement. In point of fact, "backstreet abortions" hadn't/haven't been available since circa 1920 or so. To hear the "leader" of a political party pull this old wives' tale outta the bag says a LOT about that "leader".

While we're on the subject, abortion is morally and ethically reprehensible in almost every circumstance.

mbrandon8026 said...

Amen, Brother