Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank You to Stephen Boissoin

Letter Writer to the Red Deer Advocate

Here is what a recent letter writer to the Red Deer Advocate had to say in favour of the Boissoin Judgement from the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench.

Re. Dec. 4 news story headlined Judge rules against Alberta Human Rights Commission:

Finally! A ruling by the Alberta Human Rights Commission was hauled before a real court of law.

A real judge quashed their ruling as unlawful and unconstitutional! The public has known this commission to be a kangaroo court for years. The Alberta government ought to hang its head in shame for allowing this kangaroo court to exist for so many years in our province.

The human rights commission has been the puppet of the zealots of secular humanism who are dedicated to promote their perverse philosophy of life.

You will recognize these fanatics easily — they are usually well educated.

They are anti-Christian, anti-free speech and anti-morality.

Their goal is to bend the minds of our young people to undercut the fabric of our society — the glue that holds us honourably together. They consider themselves to be the elite thinkers, but, in fact, they are a waste of good skin.

We owe a huge thank you to Stephen Boissoin, who for seven long years endured the consequences of the unjust and mean-spirited ruling. And also a big thank you to the Canadian Constitution Foundation, a free-speech advocacy group.

The Alberta government ought to reimburse Boissoin for the huge costs he had to absorb to get a just ruling on this case.

Somehow, I have a feeling that, without a lawsuit, the provincial government will do nothing.

Maybe it is true, our present Conservative government is old, tired, arrogant and out of touch with the people, and out of touch with true Conservative values.

Jim Swan

Red Deer

Jim Swan had the balls to write what the Red Deer Advocate themselves did not. That they allowed this letter to the Editor to be published in their rag, is to their very teeny, tiny credit.

I happen to live in London Ontario, and our daily rag, the Freeps, has never heard of Stephen Boissoin, Free Speech, or anything like that. So here in London, the 7 people that still subscribe to the Freeps have not had the benefit of hearing anything good, bad or indifferent about the Stephen Boissoin case.

If any of the 7 of you are interested, you can go over to the left and look under labels, and then click on the Boissoin one, where I have currently about 87 references to him and the case that was brought against him for, of all things, speaking his mind about a topic of local (and broader) political significance. I expect that you probably won't, since we vote Liberal provincially in these parts, and by doing that we support the Barb Hall led Kangaroo Court of Ontario that we derisively call the Ontario Human Rights Commission, where you of Ontarian extraction, residence or sentiment can take your hurt feelings for redress, against the meanies who caused you such pain.

Glad I got that our of my system.


Joshua S. said...

Dear Michael:

Venting against stupidity is a GOOD thing and VERY THERAPEUTIC. Are you certain the London Free Press still has seven subscribers? Is there a Museum of Legacy Media located in London? Who knew?

Here in hogtown, we've the sorry excuse for a newspaper Toronto Star. Every day, Star employees sharpen their crayons and sacrifice another forest to their lies, innuendo and outright ignorance. The Toronto Star makes the Toronto Sun look like a Master's thesis! The Globe & Mail is sinking alarmingly quickly to the same semi-literate post-modern secularist beastial level.

Londoners are not alone in having legacy media outlets of no credibility/importance whatsoever, and which constitute - more than anything else - a threat to the natural and social environments.

mbrandon8026 said...

There you have it. The Forest City is not the only burg killing off its trees so dimwits of the MSM can write bumpf to please their few readers.

By the way, maybe it's only 6 readers still, not seven, but I did not want to quibble about stats.

I still think that the idiots writing something about nothing, while pretending that writing nothing about something is noble here in London, do it better.