Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ontario HRC Hates Law and Order

It's Just So Discriminatory - Give Me A Break

I am very sick of the Ontario Herd of Rabid Toadies and the Herd of Rabid Clowns attacks on our police, though noticeably there is a very white male victim profile for this jackbooting.

Sergeant Stephen Ruffino has now felt the jackboot up his heiny, courtesy of alleged victim Sharon Abbott and Mark Hart, Vice Chair of the Ontario Toady Herd. Here is the Case Resolution Conference Decision. A case resolution conference occurs when you are summoned on high and told what is going to be done to you by that day's Toady in Charge.

Gay and Right is Gay by his definition, and in this instance is right as in correct, as well as Right. Frankly, there is nothing to be gay about here.

He calls it a horrible case, and I concur, then gives us a bit of the case, plus his take on it, which I am quoting directly as he says it better than I can in my current state of apoplexy, or at least disgust:
Earlier this month, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) awarded $5,000 to a black female newspaper carrier who insisted she had been arrested by police in early 2007 only because of her skin colour.

Early one morning, Sharon Abbott was delivering newspapers to homes in Toronto's west end. Police Sergeant Stephen Ruffino observed her car double-parked outside an apartment. Then he saw her re-enter the vehicle, turn left without signalling, drive without a seatbelt and swerve from side to side. When she got out again, Sgt. Ruffino tried to stop Ms. Abbott and give her a warning, but she failed to stop and identify herself several times. So he briefly scuffled with her, handcuffed her and detained her for 45 minutes.

Although the HRTO found no "conscious" racism on Sgt. Ruffino's part, it nonetheless concluded his actions were motivated by a deep-seated prejudice ... of which he was apparently entirely unaware.

The Tribunal also stated, without substantiation, that white people in authority have "an expectation of docility and compliance" from black people they encounter.

We guess we're behind on the latest politically correct dogma, but hasn't the traditional racist stereotype of blacks depicted them as violent, unpredictable criminals -- which is to say, the very opposite of docile and compliant? The world of official human rights has entered such a surreal la-la-land that its mandarins can't even keep it straight in their heads what stereotypes and prejudices they're supposed to be fighting.

In fact, we'll be honest: Not a single person on this editorial board had ever heard of the "expectation of docility and compliance" that is supposedly rampant in the minds of white people. It's almost like the Human Rights Tribunal... made it up.

Government officials inventing, promoting, and publishing brand new racist stereotypes. Your tax dollars at work, Canada.
Since the Herd of Rabid Toadies, and Herd of Rabid Clowns has taken upon themselves the mantle of protectors of some at the expense of the majority, and are taking potshots with impunity both financially and emotionally, at the Police Services of this once fair province, I think that some retribution is called for on the part of our men and women in blue.

Since the large preponderance of the Toadies and Clowns are white anglo saxons trying to assuage some kind of cultural guilt, no matter how unwarranted, it is time for a little pay back. I suggest that the council of Police Chiefs of Ontario declare open war on these ID 10 T's, by refusing to serve and protect, until such time as the Toadies and Clowns are humbled by their overall leader, Dalton Do Little.

However, the rank and file, particularly in Toronto, have other persuasive options available to them. Finding out who every employee of the Toadies and Clowns should not be very difficult for those with access to public information, and then finding out home addresses and car tags is not much of a stretch either. With that in hand, members of the constabulary should be able to ensure that Toadies and Clowns are absolutely in complete compliance with every law and by law at their homes and on the roadways as they ply their perfidy. It might be time to issue tickets for 51 in a 50, and parking violations for those who are a little too close to the line. I am sure that they can be much more creative than me, and remain well within the law.

Of course, there is this option reported by the Toronto Sun:
The Toronto Police Service says it is considering applying for a judicial review of a human rights tribunal decision that found one of its officers racially profiled a woman but failed to find any evidence of racist attitudes.
It doesn't sound like nearly as much fun as my idea, but it is, of course, the high road, and therefor really a better option.

How long are we going to continue to accept the dismantling of our society by these government Toadies and Clown?

Have you had enough yet, Ontario?

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