Monday, November 2, 2009

The Gyapong

Deborah Does Not Mince Words

Deborah Gyapong is a woman of deep faith, and love for mankind, having learned it like most of us the hard way. She wrote a piece about the audacity of an Anglican cleric to criticize the Pope in his invitation to, as some call them, disaffected Anglicans to come home to the Catholic Church. Deborah does not call herself disaffected but:
"a joyful Anglican who loves the Book of Common Prayer, our beautiful liturgy and the fact that not only do my priests and bishops do a beautiful ballet of genuflection and reverence as they enter into the once-and-for all sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist, they also preach orthodox homilies."
Amen, Sister. Preach it.

But, as to the not mincing words part, she had this to say specifically, and though she was saying it about the particular source of her article, it goes deeper than that:
Instead you arrogantly assume that your changes are "prophetic" and assumed that eventually sociology would trump revelation and political correctness and the inclusive gospel of welcome would trump the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I offer these words to the Human Rights Commissions, as well, to all those hopey changers who think that they are above God. To those who are inventing more human rights on a regular basis, inventing the rights to let people file complaints to bash your fellow man with impunity because "I want what I want when I want it", I say you are putting the people into bondage to a government and government institutions that cannot possibly love you, nor give you what you need, peace in your hearts.

Where is the Forgiveness? Where is the Mercy? Where is the Justice?

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