Sunday, August 23, 2009

Listen Up HRCs

Globe Weekend Poll Results

Canadian policy toward immigrants should be based on what?

79% 7066 votes

Integration into the mainstream

21% 1834 votes

Respect for different cultures


Okay, so we are not all brain dead here in Canada, just being ignored by our government and particularly by the HRCs and HRTs that they have created allegedly on our behalf.

A recent poll taken by the Globe and Mail with 8,900 online votes concluded with an 80% to 20% majority that we want immigrants to integrate into our mainstream, not focus on multi culti nonsense, and fake human rights.

Multi culti in the end means the end of Canada. What is wrong with our Canadian roots that we are so ashamed that we come from European and UK stock in the majority? I for one am proud of my Irish heritage, and of the Christian component of my heritage as well. I do not intend to wish anybody a Happy Holiday this year either. It will be Merry Christmas from me to you, but then again I am prepared to live on the wild side.

For the longest time, people came to this country and became a part of it, and it became a part of them. Those who emigrated to here from the far East long ago are Canadians and proud to be. If they preserve components of their own culture, they do so without disadvantaging Canadian rule of law, but respecting this country that gave them a good home.

Those we take in now do not seem to have to integrate unto our society, but we have to bend over backwards to respect their cultures, though not requiring them to respect ours. What gives with that?

Try multi culti in Iraq, and see where that gets you. "Yes, Sir, I want you to respect my Christianity and stop doing that Sharia thing you do. Yes, Sir, I would prefer a mask, so I do not have to watch my own beheading. Thank you very much."

So, you come to my country and my government forces me to Respect you by making me accept your culture in my home. You though, do not have to respect my culture in my home land. You can disrespect my faith, my beliefs, my chosen way of life. My government makes rules inventing all kinds of human rights, that make it mandatory for many Canadians to fake respect for all people who are different from our main stream. The results are not surprising, disturbing, but not surprising.

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